Make It Your Own!

By: Yoselin R.

What Is It?

  • Well, a spin art machine is a machine that contains a surface in which you could apply paint or any other substance to any fabric or paper and can create a design.
  • While you are creating your design, the top layer of the machine will spin around creating a circular motion.

 Here in this picture (to the left), we can see a manufactured spin art machine. The link below can take you directly to the picture. 


You might be wondering why I am speaking to all of you about a manufactured spin art machine. Well, a group of three individuals, (better known as K.A.Y) have started a project in which we all have a mission of creating a HUGE SPIN ART MACHINE that spins automatically and will be safe for all ages.


For our project we are using an old box from another project to create the base of the machine. Our plan is to create a hole through the middle of the box to insert the motor. After we have inserted the motor we will be attaching a top layer in which will help spin the canvas or other materials in order to create your design.


In this image to the left you can see a clear visual of how this machine will function. The wooden stick through the middle of the cardboard is the motor. The bottom section (with all the tape), is also representing a special part of the motor. The cardboard helps represent the canvas (or other material), where the design will be created.

So far, this project has made me think a lot. It can be very challenging and frustrating when it comes to figuring out how to attach one thing to another. Even though this project is challenging and complex at times, it also has it’s fun to it.

This past week, my group and I where able to work with an Intel volunteer. During our time with Nathan, we where able to solve our never ending problems. We had the opportunity to discover the perfect motor for our machine along with, how to attach it to the spinning surface.

Throughout my past months in this class I have learned to not be afraid of grabbing those “manly” tools. To be capable of accepting failure and also being open to creativity. My thoughts about this class have changed 100%. At the beginning of the year I would be scared to work with a saw or make a mistake. Now, I am able of grabbing a saw, making a mistake and continue to move forward.

“Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it with use.”

-Ruth Gordon 

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