PLTW: Stressful & Fun

To start off I’m going to be honest and say that pltw can either be the funnest class or the most stressful, theres really no in between. With all the deadlines and learning new material and having to use your limited time doing learning new things is just.. fustrating. But when you’re learning the new things you get to discover some things that you’re good at and you enjoy doing. What makes the class fun is when you know your strengths and you get to use them and make things. Doing that and seeing your end product is the best thing ever because even if it may not be the best YOU did it and in your eyes its the best thing ever.


This was how things were for me doing the topographic map. Well, the illustrator part of it. Originally the person who worked on illustrator wasn’t my job but in the ends all jobs got somewhat switched. (for my group) I worked on illustrator and created most layers as different members worked on it as well. At first I was thinking “ oh yeah this can’t be too hard” If only I knew haha. The first two classes were completely wasted because the person who was originally supposed to be the tracer, didn’t know how to do the job and wasn’t interested in learning how to either. So it became my job, we were already low on time but I figured we had a few days left and that we would be fine. Well thats not exactly how it turned out


Around the last few days we had to work on it the map we were tracing, well it got messed up and a days worth of work was wasted. We had lost yet another day of work and none of us were sure if we could actually finish it in time. The next class I worked as hard as I could to finish and time ran out. Now putting your own time into projects is a great way to guarantee a better grade than just idly sitting and not caring. Putting your own effort into things is also a good way to get a good grade. I stayed after school and finished tracing and we were all set to print the next class period. Then a person who was the assembler glued a piece where it wasn’t supposed to be. The map was basically ruined as it was a piece that we could not afford to lose and would mess up the map by taking it off. Time was up when that happened.  So all we really had was this (below) traced map a map/model with some parts glued, missing, but incomplete.

Topo Map ScreenshotThe point is during this project I learnt that I was good at using illustrator and i enjoyed it, but while that was fun per say the project itself became very stressful.

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