Engineering by: Lilly A

The module I chose to do was “construction and fabrication basics”. It’s actually really fun to learn how to use all the tools.

At first I didn’t see myself liking the module because I am not really interested in engineering at all, but it’s actually pretty interesting. We learned what a lot of tools are called and learned how to use a couple of saws. The saws we learned how to use was a “Compound sliding Miter saw” and a “Band Saw” personally I enjoy the miter saw, it looks kind of big and scary but, it’s not, it is super easy to use as well.

So far in this module I have built a wood sandwich, which was where we had to cut two pieces of wood and hammer a nail, and screw a few screws into it. My partner and I are not finished yet, but we are making a birdhouse. We got to do everything, cut the wood, glue and clamp it, put nails in with a nail gun, and use the band saw as well.

     It is pretty amazing to me that we are able to do this. I haven’t been anywhere else but, I don’t think other schools have a makerspace like us. We have the opportunity to stretch our creativity to infinity and beyond. There are so many tools and materials you could probably make anything!

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