Computer Automated Drafting

The module I am currently working on in my PLTW class is computer automated drafting (CAD) which is under the engineering topic. In this module so far I have had to draw and I am currently using a program on the computer called inventor that is not so easy to use.

Before the first challenge of CAD our assignment was to watch a video in which Ms. Sauter explained some real life situations that included drawing different types of sketches. This led to the first challenge where we were supposed to find an object to do our orthographic and isometric sketches. I chose my flash drive and my sketches came out pretty good, better than I expected them to come out. I had some prior knowledge before this module because in the 7th grade I also did something very similar to what we were asked to do.

The second challenge was to create the object you drew in the first challenge in a computer program called Inventor. It was kind of hard but not that hard because I have used this program before and some things came back to me as I played around with Inventor. The outcome of my flash drive in this program was alright, it was hard getting all the little details in there but the basic things of my flash drive came out pretty good.

This module was pretty much done independent and I was satisfied with my work. And I also know the knowledge/skills I am gaining through this module will help me if I ever chose to be a professional engineer in the future.

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