Bridge Fail by Brenda P

This past 6 weeks it was that time again to choose another module to execute and my partners and I decided we should switch it up a bit. The module we chose was part of the engineering family and we didn’t think much of it we did our challenges, turned them in moved along yada yada, until we come upon… DUN DUN DUN. Challenge two.

I think I’m exaggerating a little bit, but challenge two was actually not that bad. The challenge had us build a bridge out of only toothpicks, string and glue. First we made a design, we couldn’t decide on which design to use so we combined all three ideas for a final design. Next we got our materials, as I mentioned we could only use glue, toothpicks and string so the whole process of building the bridge was glueing toothpicks together and trying to get them to stick. We were running out of time and we were still gluing toothpicks together so we decided to make our bridge a little bit different. What we did is we crossed our toothpick sticks that we managed to build over each other and wrapped them in string, and trying to make it sturdy from the middle and the ends so it would hold more weight. Eventually when we finished it ended up looking nothing like a bridge but even though it didn’t look like one like it was supposed to I feel like we did our best and used our creative ideas to make something work.

(Our "Bridge")

(Our “Bridge”)

This whole experience was very frustrating and challenging so this is why I’m calling it a bridge fail. Overall I’m glad we tried something different but I don’t think engineering is for me. Although my experience wasn’t so great with engineering I encourage everyone to try out new things, yes in the end you might find out you’re not so great at it or maybe you are really good at it and want to proceed doing it but in the end at least you tried and that is all that really matters. So my point in writing this essay is try new things! you never know what might happen.

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