A 3D Printer? What!! By:Olga Hernandez

We recently found out, that we had gotten a 3D printer. If you are not familiar with the printer it is one of the most amazing things ever. 3D printing is a processes to make a three-dimensional object. In 3D printing, certain processes have to be used, in which layers of material are laid down under computer control. These objects can be of almost any shape you want.

Timages6AZ3I25Whe first 3D printer was created by Charles W. (Chuck) Hull in the mid-1980s. An as you can see we didn’t really put much of attention to the machine a long time ago. Until this past years. The reason is because it was only with certain measures and it had limits.

The fun thing about this printer is that it makes your life easier. You don’t have to make all the building, you can just 3D print it! Another thing is that it makes the impossible, possible.

This year in Chicago’s international manufacturing technology show, the world’s first automobile, whose entire structure was created using direct digit4734932_Gal manufacturing was made. It works as car works but it’s made out of little carbon fiber infused plastic pellets. The same plastic used to make Legos. The car weighs about 15,000 pounds and is powered by a battery, ages motors could work too. It reaches speeds of 40 miles per hour. Eventually, 3D car will be tuned to run at highway speed, and people will probably be even able to drive it around all the time. Like imagine if it can make that, what else will be next.

Knowing that the 3D printing doesn’t have limits, our school has gone crazy with it. We have printed elephants, trees, signs, longhorns, cases, etc. We have gone up to even printing animages actual size bird house. For us this is really exciting, because not every school has a 3D printer. Here at Ann Richards we appreciate a ton of stuff such as this printer. We now that it cost a ton of money and because of that we enjoy it will it last and taking care of it.

        In PLTW this printer hasn’t been used yet, well at least not for 8th grade. In high school, one class had to create a flashlight that worked, and they decided to actually use the 3D printer. At the end, they got a real size flashlight working. The printer is really helpful, because you can create really important things, and not just make the everyday thing. Like 2D things. Now we can actually make them real, and make other people feel them.

I hope that one day, I get to use it for a project. I feel that if I get really good with it, which probably won’t be a problem, I will do great stuff, and it will be really helpful in the future. Now that the 3D printer is in school great things will be created.

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