Movies: What Stories They Can Tell

We wonder why there are so many genres of movies in existence. We think of every possible variation and each time we come out with something different. There are movies for every persons tastes, every basic human emotion, every type of character, etc.

Because there are so many ways to tell a story.

With our videography module we tried to craft a film that would vary in a new way. Create a new taste, spark a new emotion, and/or give a peek into the lives of a unique character; the Ann Richards girls. It took more than enough cooperation and teamwork to put all our members ideas onto one storyboard. In the end, we all saw we each had a forte, something new we could bring to this 2 minute film. We dedicated time and effort into something so simple. But that’s how all ideas start. Simple, youthful, with a purpose solely on growing. Until one day, it itches at your mind, pleading to be spread on paper, video, or speech.

Our mission statement interpretation, should give the audience a new perspective. That not everything is universal in the realm of ethics, or preparation, or compassion. We showed our view of these characteristics, shining light on the oppurtunities, the possbilites, the power, a statement or motto gives us.

The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

dedicates itself to prepare young women

to attend and graduate from college,

commit to a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle,

lead with courage and compassion,

and solve problems creatively and ethically

in support of our global community.
In other words: we all have a motive that allows us to reveal our perspectives with the world, showing leadership traits to those without a statement to live by. Even with something as simple as a movie.

~McClain D.

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