It Is Finally That Time!!!

Time for us to use our creativity and what we have learned from the past modules. Everyone in the class of 2019 will be creating and original idea that they will make, this will be presented in the Austin Maker Faire. In the past we have been given a module that the teacher has come up with for us to make. What Mrs,Sauter did was do the hardest part for us, she give use the idea. Then, all we had to do is follow the design process and follow the constraints.

This time the entire project is all us. We have to come up with the idea, design it, and then create. The only constraint that we have is for our maker-project to be done before the Maker Faire and be within our budget.

For my maker-project i will be creating an accent piece that will be used for organization. I am a very organized person and everything has its place but finding a place for everything can be difficult. This acts kind of like a shelf where you can place things on top of each other. My design was inspired by a free hanging vanity that I saw online. This 12”x16” piece will have a drawer and a small door to hide things in plain sight. This is so that you can still have everything at an arm’s reach but have them put away.

Notice that I keep saying “them” well I designed this piece to go on the countertop in the bathroom so that you and put hair ties in the drawer, bottles of hairspray and perfume, and anything else you make have. Though, this organizer can also be placed on a desk to place all your office supplies in. There will be an attached cut like space for toothbrushes and that sort of thing, but if you use this for office purposes this would make a great place for pens and pencils. I can’t wait to start the project! 🙂

           If you want to check out the official site of the Maker Fair click This is where the official countdown is.

By, Savannah Currey

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