Media Tech

Media Tech

By:Michiah Thomas-Thompson


I have been working on Media Tech this whole semester and it has been amazing all the modules I have completed. Media tech has always been something I’ve been interested in. When I was younger, and sometimes still I did/do photography. I also liked filming either myself or vlogging my day as a kid. Clearly they weren’t the best quality because I was so young, but when I was in the moment it was just something I always enjoyed. I also was into technology so I was always wondering how could a camera film? How did a camera take pictures. It was astonishing to me how everything did work and how a camera takes a photo. Still some technology under the category of media tech remains a mystery to me. I plan on choosing the media tech pathway since it has been a part of my life for so long.


My favorite module under media tech would have to be videography, because it was fun to do. Taking videos of the school and trying to make it seem so interesting was amazing. Being able to add our own creative touch to the video was different from other schools. Because not many schools allow their students to be as creative as they wished, because those students wouldn’t be as creative as people would hope so.


Media Tech was also a module I was able to try new things that I never would have thought to try. For example screen printing was such an experience. Even though it didn’t work out it was so prodigious and different. I feel like being able to take me out of my comfort zone and make me do something i’ve never done or thought of doing is a one in a lifetime opportunity. And being able to experience this at school is also completely different, and I am thankful that we do have a class and a school to support us.


Not every child can do what we do, and not every school can have what we have. Even though I might complain about it being stressful trying to do something i’ve never done before in a certain amount of time. But overall being able to do it with my friends and be able to do it in the first place is what I love.


Something I would like to do in Media Tech is actually taking photos would be something very fun. Maybe being able to choose what we want to take photographs of would be really cool. But I feel that whatever we do it always is an amazing experience, and the time working on it is worth it once you see the outcome.


At the end of the day the media tech module has been amazing, and I am glad I was able to be a part of this whole experience. And be able to attend a school that let’s me be creative and use my creative idea.

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