3rd six weeks blog-Lucero P

The last module I did was the materials module. What me and my partner(Catalina) did was first pick out a font that we liked on one of the two links on the haiku page. After that, we had to look for a word that we could write with that font, but not just any word. We had to use empathy, justice, ARS, etc, and we used ARS. What we had to with this project was choose a font, choose a word, then find recycled materials(like old wood, aluminum, plastic, etc) and form the word out of those materials that we found. I forgot the name of the font that Catalina and I found, but we decided to use old styrofoam for all the letters. We wanted to paper mache them after we built them, but first we had to get the letters on bigger paper, so we had them on the whiteboard through the computer and we traced them onto butcher paper. We were going to put a star at the end of ARS but Catalina’s mom accidentally threw it away. Next, we had to build the actual letters, so during class, we cut the letters, and after that we asked Ms.Miesner if she had flour so we could make the paper mache and we got some flour and water to make the paste. We used old newspaper and cut it into strips then dipped them into the paper mache and basically glued them onto the letters. They took a while to dry up but after two days they were finally ready so we could paint them. We painted the letter A white, the letter R dark blue, and the letter S(it was not a Z to those people who thought it was) a light blue. Those didn’t take as long to dry, they were ready overnight, so the next day we took a picture, turned it in, and the last step was to hang it up somewhere in the school. We wanted to hang it up in by the Christmas tree, but it blocked the leaves, so after we spent about an hour hanging it up, we had to take it down. We eventually found a place to hang it, on the other side of the hallway, close to the tree. I had fun doing this module, which seemed easy, but it was harder than I thought. It was pretty fun, but it really got us thinking on how to solve problems(like when the letter A almost fell apart) but other than that, it was fun.

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