During the most recent module, my group and I did videography. Now, I thought this module was going to be much easier than it was. But it was way harder than I expected. My experience with this module was nto terrible, but not the best either. Our group had some difficulties, mainly due to the absence of members, but other than that, there were only minor disagreements. The minor disagreements set us back a bit each time, but not too much.
This module was meant to help us decide if we like the media tech pathway, but it felt like something different to me. It felt like we were moviemakers. I really enjoyed making our video. I think I might’ve enjoyed it more had we not had to make it revolving around school, but what can you do?
During this module, our group had some difficulties. Some difficulties we had, were not knowing how to properly use the camera, or use the right angles, or even ideas for shooting. But the main problem was time. We crushed for time. It seemed like we ran out of time too quickly.
We struggled most because we probably didn’t pay very much attention when we had to do something. Like, when someone explained something, we didn’t listen very well. And now I feel that we would have been way more sucesful if we had listened.
So in conclusion, listen. Just listen to people who try to help when you definately need it. Accept them and their help. Do your work on time.

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