3rd six weeks blog post; Thalia Gomez

STEAM in a Car


When we went to the Circuits of the Americas we learned that all of the cars that participate in the Formula 1 use STEAM to guide them to build the best racing car they can. For example the Williams Martini race car is an example of the term STEAM.


STEAM represents science, technology, engineering, art, and math. The williams martini car took “25” years to build. But really they just built a newer and improved version each year. Each year they would build a better version of the Williams Martini race car. But before any building they had to plan out their new creation. The Williams race car has specific features to help it go faster and not crash when doing turns at about 100 miles per hour. The race car also has special “effects” for the driver, like a button that squirts water for when the driver is thirsty, and the driver wears a fire proof suit in case of an emergency.


When creating this race car they had to think about the material the wheels would be, so the car wouldn’t slip off the track and crash. They also have to design the car a specific way so it can be airborne to help it go faster. For example for the race car to be airborne it needs to have the shape of a teardrop so the car can be able to go through the air. If the car was a simple square the air would hit the car and make it go slow.


The term STEAM is in the Williams Martini car. Science for designing the perfect fast race car, Technology for buttons that help the drivers, Engineering for building the car, Art for making designs on the car, and Math for calculating the dimensions (etc…).

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