Trial and Error By: Chloe Leline

Trial and Error
By: Chloe Leline
8th period


Today I am going to be talking about trial and error. It isn’t very often that we do something perfectly the first time around. Usually it takes a couple of times to fail before we don’t. I am sure that you have heard the saying, “Practice mTest Gradeakes perfect.” Yes, I too think that this is extremely overused and maybe even cliche but it is absolutely true! Everyday there are things that I fail at. Somethings small, some things little. I know I am not the only one. Some people get so afraid when they hear the word fail. I personally think of a big F on a test, and every body dreads that. But, PLTW has taught me not to be afraid of failure. It has taught me that sometimes, failure is a pathway to success (very cliche).

I am going to share with you an example of my failure within the class PLTW. The pinhole camera. Wow, ok. My experience with building a pinhole camera was anything but good. It all started when I accidentally spray painted my friends shoe. After that, we tried drilling into a plastic container and nearly cracked the entire container open. We finally got our camera into acceptable shape and were excited to take our picture! We went outside, set up our camera, and counted for 30 seconds. All seemed well until we put our film through the entire process and ended up with a black picture. No big deal, it happens all the time. We were ready to try again. Our second time everything is going good. We set the camera up. 28 seconds, 29 seconds, bam. The camera fell over. At this point we knew it wasn’tt going to work but we weren’t going to give up. In the dark room, the red light stopped working. We were standing in the dark room and we started laughing. In the end, we failed everytime.

At this point you’re probaly wondering how this is positive…at all, but I must say, I learned so much about cameras and even myself through this experience. I believe that sometimes failure is better than instant success. Failure leads to questions, and questions almost always lead to extra information. Making this pinhole camera was one of the biggest trial and error cases I have ever faced, but I learned a lot and had fun. So next time you hear the word fail, just take it as a challenge.

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