Makerspace~ Lendy Cano

Hello! Lendy C. here. So today I’ll be talking about our Makerspace. The makerspace is a place that the Ann Richards Girls have a privilege to have it. In the makerspace the 8th graders have class and were the only grade that has class in the makespace,. The makespace is free for everyone, just theirs have to be an adult with you when you’re using the saws. Any way the makerspace feels like a classroom that we can explore there’s always something new to learn and to look at. We have all the freedom we want. This space just seems like a forest, everyday is an adventure with Ms. Sauter. She helps us alot to giving us lessons about coding, to how to use the laser printer and 3D printer. In the makespace I feel like I can do whatever I want, either, Engineering, Media Tech, and Biomed modules. I’m really enjoying the engineering module because all the things you can do with wood just fascinates me. The makerspace is just not a classroom, its a place that has adventure in its name.

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