Importance of Photography


The importance of Photography

Catherine Gavin

PLTW as a whole is about learning and experimenting in different fields of STEM, and hopefully seeing what you would like to do in your future academic career. I know now that this class does not only revolve just over things like math and simple sciences, but also art, engineering, health, and history. Obviously having the skill of being able to solve problems includes being diverse in different fields and subjects in order to make the best and “well rounded” decision. Having this in mind, you would be silly to say that mixing two different classes is a bad idea, and I agree. That is why PLTW has been so successful in it’s academic career, it is a giant melting pot.


My recent module with my group, which was making an old camera,  incorporated history, to develop and learn ideas about the future.  Our first assignment was to find a photo that “made you feel something”, personally I have always loved learning about the past, because as I mentioned earlier it can help unveil things about the present or even the future. As I was searching the web I found many interesting early photographs, mainly of people, and mainly showing a hard time. Personally I believe that pictures from a while ago will tend to have more meaning because it was more rare to have access to a camera, so if you are going to take a photo it would be of something important.


I think that learning about things that have happened in the past can, and will affect you in the present and future. I sincerely believe that having the ability to find a picture, an idea, or really anything that can be manipulated by your mind, or others, and being able to interpret it, dissect it, and get something out of it, is an amazing and raw talent. And I think that this project, and even this class, helps people develop that skill and ability, that is so amazing, unique and useful.

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