Bio-medical Pathway

By:Enalisa Blackman

For this module, I decided to do the Biomedical pathway. For our 1st challenge, we were instructed to interview someone in the field that we are doing in our module. I interviewed my dads neurosurgeon and, doing that  made me really want to go into the medical field because its something that I’m interested in. Also, medicine has always been a big part of my life. Not with me, but with people I know and people in my family. My dad has to take a lot of meds because of the condition he’s in. Alot of people I know or used to know have been diagnosed with cancer and part of that is chemotherapy.

Being a part of the Biomedical pathway will bring more awareness and information about medicine and how they work. Also, I want to make a difference in the world and, who knows, maybe I will make a cure for cancer one day or maybe I’ll make a vaccine. To me, the big idea of the biomedical field is to help others help themselves. That’s my goal in life.

For our project, we were instructed to make a poster about medicine in 50 years and to come up with an idea on what it would look like and how it works. My idea was that maybe, in 50 years, there would be machines that would surgically remove tumors and other harmful things in the body that does not belong. Or maybe to make a medicine that directly attacks the source of the illness and kill it with little to no side effects.

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