Trial & Error by Claudia Luong

In my last module, I studied the art of prosthetics. This belongs in the BioMedical field. I have heard about prosthetics before and and knew that it was like building a fake limb. Doing this module informed me more about prosthetics and I had a connection to the movie, Dolphin Tale. A dolphin that lost his tale and a man tried different materials and shapes to do whatever is best for the dolphin. I thought this was so similar to our goal of making a comfortable leg for a patient who lost their leg.


Personally, this has to be my favorite modules out of all of the ones I have done. I felt the most confident about my product as well. My feelings about the engineering module was the total opposite. Building a bridge out of toothpicks and string was not my favorite thing to do and was frustrating as we got deeper in the project. But as I was building the leg, I got more and more ideas of how I could make the leg more comfortable for somebody. I got ideas like putting bubble wrap and some of a noodle to make it more comfortable. We changed the material of the foot. At first we thought thick cardboard would cut it, but we realized a full grown man would probably crush it. We tried a medium sized piece of wood that wasn’t too thick, but not too thin and made sure it could fit in a shoe. It was perfect.


Even though they weren’t the most trustworthy materials. I think it was pretty sturdy for reused materials. We didn’t buy anything. It was all from the recycling bin that people donated. My team tried new materials and learned from our mistakes. I think that you can make anything from anything. I’m proud of this product because I feel like it can actually work. Unlike my past modules/products where they weren’t so reliable and could break apart any moment.


I learned a very important lesson throughout all these modules. I tried and learned from my past modules what I need to do better and what didn’t work.

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