Construction in Process

A while back, like a couple week ago, I did a module about wood work and I really like it. Construction and fabrication are fields were women aren’t as represented as men, but males aren’t always the domainat gender in all the fields like teaching and nursing; but there’re are also fields and professions that woman aren’t as represented as we well like them to be in professions like politics and in the engineering industry. That needs to change, women are as capable as men or if not more.
us the skill and experience using a drill and a hammer. imageAfter that, we used the skills we learned by designed and constructing a bird house. First we used the design process, then we choose the most efficient one and we started building it. Next we starting measuring wood for cuts and started cutting. I enjoy working with saws but it isn’t as easy as you’ll expected it to be. There were multiple saws you had to use for different type of cuts. We used two different saws to cut two different wills then we used a special drill to make the hole were the bird will enter by. Then after that, we glued the wood together and we had to clamp it so it will stay still and glue as fast as possible, but overall waiting for the glue to dry to about a day. Last but not least, we hand painted are bird house, I have to say that I love painting but I ruined one of my shirt painting. After the ups and downs of this module I loved working with woods and saws and even painting, I thought it was fun; now after that I’m mostly certain that I’m going to pick engineering as my high school pathway.

By Luz C.

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