Videography by Jackelyn Ortega

During the videography module I learned a lot about the skills behind filming a video. Like I learned about the rule of thirds.The rule of thirds helped a lot when we were recording. For one it definitely helped keep a steady shot and two, it helped get a focused shot. I found this method come in handy and will consider using it again if i decide to further study videography.

Making a video for this module was very interesting because we had to film a 30 second video about the school and we had to create a voice over to add on to the video. Not just that but it was hard to film places of the school and make it fit in 30 seconds, so we had some pretty hard editing to do when we were done filming.

After doing this module my feelings towards videography were pretty interesting because I was stressed doing this module with all the filming and editing. Yet, when we got the final product, even thought it wasn’t perfect I was proud that if I practice a little more with filming I will become a pro at videography!

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