Videography Written by: Maddie I. , Zoe R. , & Bella T.

This 6 weeks we did MediaTech again! We did videography which was so much fun!!! We had to shoot a video about our school and our mission as ARS students. We shot different places in our school such as the cafeteria, the track, the stars on the ceiling the hallways and all the beautiful motivational quotes and words on our walls. We also recorded our voices saying the missing statement and put it in the background of our video as well as a bunch of fun music such as “fergalicious” and “Under The Sea”. It was really funny and made our video really fun to watch!!

During this module we had so much fun especially when we got time to go outside for better lighting for our film. We had never created a film before so when we did start everything was so new and exciting. Bella’s sister is in the Media tech pathway and she told us about how we can use the rule of thirds which really helped us out when we were taking pictures for challenge 1.We all also really loved editing the videos almost as much as creating them. We were constantly laughing when we made bloopers and watched them with some background music. Editing was difficult because we had to fit each clip with the music but overall it was amusing.

Doing this module our team learned a lot of valuable skills. We learned that when you’re taking a picture, it’s a lot more than just pressing the button; there is a technique and rules to taking a quality photograph or video. On our challenge two, we learned a lot about working with a camcorder and iMovie. We really got to know and play around with the program. I think that these skills will be very useful in our lives if we ever need to create a video for school.

We all really enjoyed this project and can’t wait for the next, we are now confident as we continue to explore the media tech pathway. We have no doubts that if we ever need to construct another video we will be able to do it with excellence.  

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