Time Management- Pattie A.

Hello! For this blog post I am going to write about time management and how one estimation can lead to so many wrong places.

These past few weeks, my group and I have been working on the computer science module. Our task was to define computer science and create anything using the LittleBits kit. As my group and I brainstormed some ideas, we didn’t really think of how complex the design was, but instead on how cool looking it looked. We had many choices in which we narrowed down to one, a train!

We started off by designing how the LittleBits would work and creating some ideas on how to build the train. We finally found a design and we opened it up on Adobe Illustrator. Later, we realized that the design was way too small, so we had to go back over 5 times to get the design about the right size. We had laser cut our designs over 5 times and eventually we all hit that point that we just didn’t care.

When we had finally got our correct pieces, we started building. It took us a while to figure out how to assemble the parts and when we did, we figured the rest would be easy and quick. A few moments later, we realized the cardboard was really thin and the pieces wouldn’t fit together, so we had to re laser cut second parts so we could glue them together.

When we had finally finished our train, we were told to build a kabuse. We all kind of just gave each other the “look.” We didn’t have much trouble because we just went back to our main train design and just deleted parts we didn’t need and laser cut the rest. When we finally finished both parts of our trains, our second challenge was to place the LittleBits. Of course, LittleBits are so simple and easy to use, we didn’t take more than 20 minutes to place them!


When we had finally reached to our final product, ready to turn it in, one of our partners reminded us about the video showing how it worked and such. We all gave each other the “look” once again. The assignment was due the next day and we all knew we wouldn’t finish on time. Eventually, we did turn it in, barely on time.

We all can find and dream of crazy ideas that are possible to create, but knowing your time limits and making a schedule on how you will use your time is a good idea. I have learned so much from this project! Not only the building, but timing too. Stay after school if needed. Not all of us like to stay after school, but if it is needed, go for it. Do not wait or focus so much time on something, but expand it! Next time for sure will I reflect on timing and how this module taught me a lesson!

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