Prosthetics are fun to build, who knew?!

Isn’t crazy how the semester is over in just 5 school days? I’ve just learned and done so much in this class in just one semester. In just a few months we will have to choose pathways, ack! But I’m not here to do a grand reflection on every single thing that I’ve done. I would like to talk about one module that I recently completed, prosthetics.


This module wasn’t as difficult as the bridge module and not as frustrating and anger fueling. It was basically the same process. You start with your design brief so we know what direction to head and to see our limits and must have’s in the final prototype. Then you start brainstorming ideas and draw them to see if they actually are realistic. My group and I just started thinking about the materials that were available and we could accumulate. We did a little table so we could see the possibility of the prototypes working. Once we decided on one. we got working on it. Although we had one in mind, we did some trial and error runs. We learned to not hot glue bubble wrap because it will burn you. and hot glues shouldn’t stay plugged in for long periods of time. Wood glue isn’t just for wood, but also bubble wrap.


So to conclude those fun filled two weeks, I was a blind person for a little bit over 5 minutes for an assignment, we built a super awesome and radical leg that people laugh at (but we know its super fashionable and great.) It may not be that sturdy as a manufactured one but it’s just a start right? It still pops out of place and the foot may have broken and not very safe but it’s the work that matters right?

I think what stuck with me was the process of building it. From me falling over trying to balance myself on a cardboard tube, breaking the leg structure, burning ourselves with hot glue (please take my word and stay safe by not glueing bubble wrap and plastic together with hot glue. It hurts and isn’t safe.), and being super happy when we finished constructing. I am completely satisfied with my final product to the point that I was wearing it in class while typing this post. I’ve gotta say, this may have be my new favorite module.

-Emi Garza 🙂

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