What is scratch?

Scratch is a coding website you use to create a creative image of whatever you want.

What did I think?
When Ms. Sauter (our PLTW teacher)told us that we were going to code.. to be honest, I thought it was going to be boring. What is the first thing that you think of when you think of coding? I don’t know about you, when I hear the word coding, the first thing I think of is the morse code. The morse code is so complicated and confusing that it takes hours and hours to complete at least a sentence! So do you see now why I thought this project wouldn’t be so much fun to work with?
What really happened.
The next day I went to class I was so totally bummed out bec
ause we had to do coding. UGH! I was so angry. When I walked to class the first thing we did was talk about our Maker Project. (which you probably already know what it is) I was grateful o that we did not have to do this boring coding thing that no one else in the world wants to do. So there I am all happy and listening to Ms. Sauter giving us details about this project, Than the words came out of her mouth. The words that I did not want to hear.
“ Time to start coding ” Ugh! No! The first time we ever did coding I was absent so I had to ask Ms. Sauter to help me. When she started to explain to me things I need to know about the website I actually started to like it. It was nothing compared to what I thought coding was. The frist thing we did was go to this website called and watched a video that explained alot to me about how to work the program. Then I started my own piece on my own. I wrote my name. Thats right I wrote my name. I know what you must be thinking. Writing your name is the most boresting ever, well not really. See with scratch you could animate your e name. Like for example. The first letter of my name starts with the letter A so I could make my a rotate or make a sound or even change colors! You could also put your own little background for it. Its like a little picture you create on your own. Fun, cute, creative, and non stressful.
How is this website useful in life?
This website is useful to life because it shows you that it ok to come out of my comfort zone and try something you have never done before. Like me, I have never coded in my life but I decided that I should try something new and give coding a chance. And what ended up happening? Will guess what? I like it. And I am thinking of using it more often to.
How is this related to PLTW?
This is related to PLTW because in PLTW, you mostly have to think outside the box and try to be creative. Beginning in this class pushes you to try to come up with things that are useful but also fun, cute, and creative, and this is what scratch is teaching us. Its perfect!
Why you should try coding.
Helps build the strength of creativity.
Not stressful
Helps you think outside the box.
Now, you should try it.
By: Ariela Velazquez

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