A Whole New World!~ By Cindy

I did not know there were different types of engineers until I did the Engineering module. I had assumed engineers just designed and built machines. And that was it.

But, that is wrong. Engineering is something big and encompasses all sorts things. Machines are just one aspect of engineering.

There are the Chemical Engineers. They are involved in the creation and improvement of chemicals. The preservatives in your food and the plastic in your binder, those were made by Chemical Engineers.

Electrical Engineers are in charge of distributing electricity and also creating circuits and software. How powerful!

Mechanical Engineers are in charge of making machines. They are in charge of designing and creating small and big machines.

Civil Engineers are in charge of public transportation, construction, and maintenance. They are involved of critical parts of our lives.

Engineering is truly everywhere. In Challenge 2 of the Engineering Module, I had to design, build, and test a bridge with Sierra. We could only use toothpicks, string, and glue. It sounded easy but, it actually wasn’t.  There were constraints on the design of the bridge. Its span must be 16”. It couldn’t weigh over 40 grams. The height could not be over 4” nor could the width.

I think the hardest part was designing the bridge. I mean everyone just had a giant toothpick stick.  Sierra and I made a triangular bridge which had so much problems. We had a hard time working within the constraints of the challenge.

Making the bridge was very tedious. It was the same thing over and over making each bundle to make triangles. Then we had to attach them together. It was not the most fun. We made slow progress but, we finally finished it.


It was beautiful but, I am so relieved that it is over. Yay~!

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