Little Bits of Computer Science

by Khammila S.

For this six weeks, I decided to go further into Engineering and try Computer Science. I was a bit worried at first because, I had never enjoyed STEM but there’s a first time for everything. Our first goal was to make a venn diagram of simple or complex computers, to organize our thoughts. We struggled at first, because our idea of simple computers actually turned out to be complex. Eventually we got the hang of it and finally played with the “littleBits” which are “electronic modules that snap together with magnets so you can invent anything!”

So we tried arranging them into different orders to make sounds, light, signals..etc. I found this really fun because it was like solving a puzzle and I had never used the littleBits before.littlebits-e1384644614560watch this!:

For this module we were supposed to create something using the laser printer in our makerspace and the littleBits. We decided to make a lighthouse, from cardboard which was cut-out using the laser printer, and it would be able to light up, make sounds with the littleBits. We also decided to laser cut, waves for the scenery around the lighthouse. We are still completing our module but we we’re all very proud of how much we’ve accomplished and discovered throughout this module.

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