3D Letters! by: Catalina Gonzalez

Hello Blog Readers!
I want to talk about a cool module I’m doing for class with my friend Lucero. This module is called “Materials” and what we basically have to do is make 3D letters out of recycled materials and make them spell ARS or Ann Richards School. So, since Lucero and I are very lazy we decided to spell out ARS and make a star to go with it.
We started by looking at the fonts on the provided links. We looked at one called “Heavy Metal” and I got an idea. I said maybe we should make the “a” with the font Metallica uses and the rest of the letters with the “Heavy Metal” font. Lucero seemed to like that Idea so we sketched it and drew the letters on big blue butcher paper then cut them out. Then, we made a list of possible materials we could use and we looked for materials in the classroom. We found some sort of styrofoam and so we decided to make our letters out of that and paper mâché it then paint them. When I went home I did not notice my mom threw away the star we were going to use so we decided to just make the letters. So we cut the styrofoam to make them the same size as the paper we had cut out.
Once we hot glued the pieces we were ready to paper mâché. So, neither of us knew how to make paper mâché and neither did our teacher, so google came in handy! We looked it up and it said we had to use flour, water, and salt. We got our materials from our wonderful science teacher and followed the instructions on the internet. It said to put some water in a container and put the same amount of flour. Then to add some salt to avoid mold and mix nicely to make a glue like substance. We mixed the ingredients together for like an hour but when it was finally done we dipped newspaper strips in and started covering the letters.
They dried over the weekend and we got to paint them when we came back to school. We wanted to paint them different shades of blue since it’s our favorite color and it’s a school color. So we painted the “r” a dark blue and we mixed that blue and white to make it lighter and paint the “s”. But we didn’t know how to make a darker blue than the original so we painted the “a” white. We are very happy with the results of the module and now we have our wonderful letters spelling out ARS!
Thanks for reading!
Catalina Gonzalez

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