Why We take this Class

Pltw is a class of experience.

Of collaboration,

Of pure elbow grease and brain work.

A class of failure,

Repeated failure,

And still some,

Until you come close to getting something,

Anything that could somehow work.

And then it fails.


So you collaborate with your friends,

And they may slow you down,

But eventually it helps,

Because it’s something you couldn’t do on your own.

So it’s just might work.

Then it fails,


Then you succeed,


So you tweak it,

Little by little.

And then it works,

It’s not perfect.

But it works.

That is PLTW,

You fail immensely,

For one single victory.

And it’s the best feeling when finally finish,

Because it works,

And that’s what you’ve worked for.

This is what PLTW is all about,

not success,

but how to get there.

~BUnmi Oni :p

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