Lestle Soto

The Rule of Thirds ☆

The rule of thirds was a big key concept and something I really went by when filming. I did not know what the rule of thirds was before this module. The rule of thirds consists of dividing the image into two horizontal and two vertical lines. You try to position your image along those lines, so the main element of the picture isn’t positioned directly in the middle. The rule of thirds is a very interesting, simple, and beautiful concept of photography. You can also use the rule of thirds in filmmaking, my partner and I tried to position the frame of our video in a certain way.

Here are some pictures using the rule of thirds;

picother pic

The Planning Process ✍other other pic

My partner and I had to do quite a bit of planning before we could actually start the filming process of the video. We were first given a constraint that our video had to do with the mission statement. At first we imagined it would be tough for us to film a video around the school, we then sat down and just brainstormed. We also knew we had to incorporate the rule of thirds into our video and make transitions into different frames run smoothly. We said the mission statement a few times out loud to get a thorough explanation of what we had to include. After we did that we wrote down a few ideas for each line or every couple words for the mission statement. We were then finally ready to film!!

This is the camera we used for filming;other camera pic

The Filming Process ✌

There were lots of different things we filmed around the school for the video. But right before we were about to film we grabbed a CHARGED camera pack and a tripod from Mrs. Sauter’s room.. We screwed the camera to the tripod then got to filming.

For the first line in the mission statement; “The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders,” we filmed the big sign at the very entrance of the school right when you’re walking in. For the second line; “Dedicates itself to prepare young women to attend and graduate from college,” we went to the college center (a very amazing resource we have here at our school) and filmed the sign outside of there. For the third line; “Commit to a healthy and well balanced lifestyle,” we of course did the logical thing and filmed in the cafeteria. For the fourth line; “Lead with courage and compassion and solve problems creatively and ethically,” we filmed some of the amazing painted work in the hallway on the wall that says, ‘creativity’ in black letters and beautiful colors surrounding. For the last line; “In support of our global community,” we filmed one of the blue posters around the school that said something about the canned food drive (which we’re supporting the community by donating). That was basically it for the filming process.

The Editing Process ❀

After we finished filming all of our video clips, we had to do the most time consuming part (in the opinion) which was editing! We used iMovie to edit because I knew how to use that program quite well. First we had to import the clips from the camera into iMovie, we just needed a flash drive to do that (Mrs. Sauter let us use hers.) After we imported the video we looked at all the clips we had and deleted some of the unnecessary or too long footage. We spent a whole class period just dedicated to editing, we also filmed a voice over in the video. My partner and I would alternate who said what clip, so we both had an equal amount of speaking time. Near the end of the video we used the song, ‘Wildest Dreams’ by Taylor Swift to fill the part when we weren’t talking for a few seconds.

Overall I had tons of fun working on this module. It was probably my favorite module so far. Even though this module had lots of different parts it was challenging, and that’s what I liked about it.

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