By Olga Hernanez

In our class this year, we have been taking Media Tech. One of the activities for this module was, to make a video/commercial, where you make up your own device that would be really helpful nowadays. My team and I invented this object called “Pet Talk,” where you can use it to understand what your dog want or needs.

For us this was an easy and fun project to do. We have never had to film something, so for us this was really exciting. Also in the Apple Macs, we have an app called iMovie. For example, I didn’t have even the smallest clue of what the app was for. When we found out what it did, I got really interested and the first thing that came to mind when I knew it edited videos, I thought about youtubers!

I never knew iMovie existed. I always thought, ‘how do they make the videos look that good?’ I just told myself they make their lives so difficult because they have to record certain parts and make sure its good and if not delete it and do it again. But now that I learned about iMovie, I understood everything better.

While recording, we had our ups and downs. First of all you always have to have good lighting, because that is an important thing to have in a video. Also you never get your first shot right, and because of that we filmed a lot of spots and we had a ton of cropping to do when it was time to edit.

When it was time to edit, that when the most fun started. First we had to, get all the silly parts out and also where we made mistakes. The most fun was actually installing music into the video. It was really fun because, I noticed that editors have a fun and easy job because it is really easy to do, well at the simple stuff.

The final product was really good. When we saw the whole video, with all the music and covers put into it, we were schoked because, all the music and cover we had put in the video, made the whole things better.

In conclusion through our ups and downs we always, looked towards the bright side because in the end you never know what happens and in our situation we ended up getting a really amazing process.

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