Group Project vs Single Project

Group Project vs Single project


Hello, this is Erin again.  Today I’m going to be talking about something completely different than last time.  This time I’ll be talking about group projects verses work you do on your own, hints the title. I remember Mrs. Goka saying something along the lines of, “there are no single desks at ARS,” (this is true).  Which means that we work together a lot and have many group projects.  In my opinion there are three opinions of group projects.  You either love group projects, don’t like them, or you’re really indifferent about it.  Let me show you the different views:


First view: You love group projects

This is the group that likes the fact that everyone has different ideas that they can bring to the project.  They may also like the fact that you don’t have to rely on getting everything done because you split up the work. They’re also able to make something spectacular that you wouldn’t be able to without your group.  This can be helpful, especially when you’re in PLTW.  Its nice to have more than one mind when you’re trying to make a robot or you’re using the Little Bits.  For example on the engineering module your group needed to build a bridge.  One person had the idea to make a plain bridge, basically just like a sidewalk.  Another group member suggested that we put another level and add triangles for support.  This made the bridge stronger and it was able to hold more weight.  That was an advantage to a group.


Second View: You don’t particularly like group projects

This group don’t really see the point of group projects. Which is the opposite of the  ARS way of working together in groups almost all the time. They may think its annoying to work with others and it slows you down.  They will still help out the group with their best effort even though they don’t prefer working with a group.


Third View:  You’re pretty much indifferent to the whole group vs single

This group doesn’t really care if they work in a group project or a project by alone.  It doesn’t really make a difference to them if they work alone or with a group, most likely its just as good if they get the project done.


I don’t know if you were wondering what my opinion is, but I’ll tell you anyway.  I’m pretty ok with group projects, its nice to see all the ideas other people have that are different from my own.  Its also nice not having the pressure of completing the whole project, because you have split the work out and you receive an even better finished project. Thats what I think, what do you think?

-Erin N.

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