What is engineering ? My experience with engineering.

What is engineering?
Engineering is the process of designing and making something come to life.Just like those everyday bridges,roads,buildings,guess who made those?.Well Engineers,they designed it which is not a quick process and it takes forever to come up with the correct idea but after they get the right idea they build it and there it is, A great designed perfectly saved building.

At Ann Richards were required to take a class called PLTW this class consist of modules(projects and instructions on to do build something,produce something,or think about how medicine will change over time)this class will help us choose the pathway we want to take in high school.Personally the module I enjoyed the most was the engineering, in this module we had to build a bridge and it had a couple of constraints and those were challenging to follow but overall our final project was a success only the weight was.

Like I said before we had some constraints and that was somewhat challenging the hardest constraint to follow was the weight our max weight could’ve been 40grams but our bridge ended up weighting 108grams which was a problems but it could hold 1,400 grams which was a success because we thought it was going to break right away but it didn’t.

Overall, I enjoyed this module and it light up something inside me which I might wanna take engineering as my pathway because it seems so interesting and just the idea of designing and building something is incredible imagine how your gonna feel when you see your final product and see that it worked its a great feeling.
Karla Jaramillo


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