The New Maker Space By:Michiah Thomas-Thompson

The Impact

Having the Maker Space has made such a positive impact on the 8th grade PLTW classes. Last year our PLTW room was not the biggest or the safest to create all the cool thing is that we are creating this year. Having the space and new equipment has made this PLTW completely different in a good way. We have so many new opportunities for projects with the Maker Space being available to us.

The Projects

Being able to do my projects in the Maker Space has been such an amazing experience. A lot of schools don’t have the materials for their students to do the projects we do. I just finished the second challenge in the Introduction to Photography. But I believe my favorite project was the Video Production for the Media Tech Module. I enjoyed it so much because of the freedom we had while creating the video. I love that we have the Mac Computers to do the editing, because I believe that Apple has the best video editing program on its computers.

The Maker Space

The Maker Space is very well decorated for one. I like how fresh and fun the first room of the Maker Space looks. Having the Maker Space be so open makes it easier to work ,because you don’t feel clustered in one room with a bid group of other students. The second space in the Makerspace is the room of creativities as I like to say. Its the room where we really work hard ,because it has all the materials to create all our cool things like a prosthetic leg. We also have all out main materials to create all the different things like the leg. Another thing is that its where all the huge and small equipment is and were all the messy or sharps materials and tools are.

Why we need the Maker Space

We need the Maker Space because we are a school full of creative minds. Having so many people that are so creative go to this means that people are going to want to create or try out so many different things. And having the Maker Space gives them an opportunity to create something ,and it could possibly be a success. Having a place where you can be open minded and it is open minded to your ideas is something I believe everyone wants.

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