The Purpose of PLTW

Carolina Vazquez
What’s the purpose of PLTW? In my opinion, it helps us pick our pathway and experience all of those pathways to see what we enjoy doing. We have three major options: Media tech, Bio med, and engineering. These three pathways are what you take in high school. But how do you know which pathway to pick?. That’s where PLTW comes in. In this class we have the opportunity to study and experience all three pathways. I have had two “pathway” experiences, Engineering and media tech.
Media tech is where you share information to the world right at your fingertips. You create videos and take pictures and you send a message to everyone. Whether it’s to vote for someone or to make you buy a new xbox, the possibilities are endless really. I didn’t really absolutely hate it, but I just felt like it was not me. I don’t like being on a computer for hours and hours at a time, and that’s what you do all the time in this field. That’s not something I enjoy.
Meanwhile,engineering, is probably the most amazing pathway in my mind. It involves making things, I like to call it tinkering: playing around with things and just make your imagination come to life. I’ve always liked engineering. I remember when something at my house was broken or something need a screw etc,I would always want to fix it. I’m like my dad’s right hand man when he fixes things. And I feel like I still do that. But construction and fabrication is only the beginning of engineering. These many different types that I still have to learn.
This class has taught me, or at least gave me, a thought of what I want to become in the future. An engineer, that’s what I want to be and I know that now because of this class.

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