Screen Printing

Screen Printing


Hi. My name is Mayrin S. and my blog is about Screen Printing. Screen Printing is awesome. In my PLTW class my group decided to screen print. At first it was really hard but in the middle of our module it was really fun. We are still not finished but so far so good.

First you start with a design that you want to print on a shirt. The shirt has to be another color no black shirts. So then you have to make your design in a white paper. Then when you’re finished you should make a copy of it on a copy machine (optional or make it the hard way). Then you put in a bucket that has this kind of liquid that makes the drawing disappear in the paper instead of the shirt. Then you put something on top to keep the light from going in. You leave it there for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Right now my group is there and we just need a shirt to put the design on. Thank you.

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