My last module~ Engineering

For our last module me and my group did engineering, the bridge. Me and my group started with one design and threw the project we changed it because we felt it needed to improve so that it could hold more weight. At first we were going to make it flat, but then after looking at the wining bridges we decided we could make it better and used triangles instead. we were making different poles , triangles, and tried to add the hight too. Half way threw the project our bridge was accidentally, and forced us to start all over again . When we started over again we had to work a bit faster wich I think might have been rushed to finish our bridge. Even with this we still finished and it was okay. I feel like it we could have had more time but we still did it and I feel good that we did.

For me this module was one of the modules that needed a lot of creativity and thought put into it. For example me and my group we started with one design at first, but then found a better idea and then changed it. For this module we also had to be very flexible sot that we could work better, faster, and still have room for improvement.

Over all just all modules need a lot of creativity and flexibility. Those are very important so that you can always make your module better and have more ideas with all of the people working with you in every module.


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