My last module Engineering

Working with Tools
My last module was about construction and fabrication basics. In challenge one was building a wood sandwich, to be able to build a wood sandwich you had to learn how to use different tools to build. This was my first experience using the tools that we had to use for the sandwich. Before we started doing all the building I was feeling nervous and I thought it was so easy to put screws in two pieces of wood. The feeling and the thought that I had before we started the building now is different to how I felt after finish and during the building. While we were building the first tool we had to put the nail in the wood with the hammer it took me time to put it in the wood it took strength to but the nail in, I thought it was fun and I felt confident with no worries.
In challenge two we had to design, measure, paint, and built for this challenge I was excited to built a birdhouse when I was little I wanted to built a birdhouse. Before we started the building I thought this was a difficult and that it was gonna take a lot of time, I felt excited and happy. First we all design the bird house then after picking which one we wanted, we had to cut the wood with a machine, we painted the wood so we use some art skills, then we had to glue them together, and it helps our community with the birds. After doing this challenge and during the challenge I thought it was easy to make a birdhouse and that I should make one in the future.

Screen shot 2014-09-26 at 3.20.21 PM

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