Project, lead the way

By: Brenda Puente

PLTW is a class I’ve been taking for two years now, like the title PLTW stands for project lead the way, thus in this class we learn about things that can be built or how things work and at the end for some of us we get to work one on one with them for the first time.

For example, The last six weeks I got to do a module with my group that had us make a video, about an invention that can be made in the future using media tech, we came up with the ipod locker. What this is, is a locker that has an ipod attached to it and could open the locker using a pass code that you set up and type in to open the locker, and keep track of what you put in the locker and other things like keep notes and play games if you were bored, basically just an ipod on a locker.

In this assignment like I said before, we had to make a video which we had to film and edit, of course none of us knew how to make a video except for me and my small knowledge from the big amount of YouTuber’s I watch so I lead most of this module.

The first part of this process was to film the video, which was very awkward because we’re not really used to setting up a camera and filming ourselves, so eventually this led to a lot of laughing, goofing off and messing up in front of the camera but somehow in the end we sucked it up and finished filming the video.

The next step was to edit it, I volunteered to do this part too because I thought it would be easy… not really. It took us a whole class trying to figure out how to crop a video and then once we figured that out and asked for help everything else went smoothly. Also life lesson kids, if you don’t know how to do something DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! it will really benefit you in the long run like it did for us.

In the end the video thankfully turned out great, and this was very good learning experience for me, I learned how to edit videos on Imovie and it may or may not benefit me in the future when I decide to follow the media tech pathway.

Thanks for reading!

Our I pod locker video –

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