Engineering , Construction and Fabrication Basics

In the engineering module, construction and fabrication basics, my group and I built a birdhouse that was built around the measurements for a Black-capped chickadee bird net habit. But before that we started off with an individual project by making a wood sandwich to set us up for the drilling and hammering we might of have to do when building our bird house.

When builting the wood sandwich I used a drill, a hammer, a socket wrench, a combo wrench, clamps, nails, countersink screw, round head screw, hex nut, wingnut, washer, drill bits, and two 6″ 2×4″ pieces of lumber. I put the lumber on top of eachother and clamped them to the table to stabilize the lumber while I drill holes and hammer in nails. First I hammered in the nail. Then, drilled holes for the countersink screw, round head screw, hex nut. Then, I drilled the countersink screw, round head screw into the board. Once we all finished making our wood sandwich we made our bird house.

When building the bird house we had started off by getting the wood and measuring the length of each board (7″,9″,12″,15″). Once we had our measurements we cut the boards and glued and clamped them together. Once the glue was dry was spraypanited the bird house with yellow as a
base and pink, purple, and white as effect colors. Once the paint was dry we use a brad nail gun to nail the boards together.

Engineering modules are really fun for me because I find engineering more interesting then other pathways. Working in this module was fun getting to work with tool I had never use and getting to know how they work and the different thing it can do.

~Ora Edwards

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