Working In Groups: Working With Friends & Responsibilities

Hey everyone, it’s Maite! Today I just wanted to talk about the amount of group work we do in GTT/ PLTW. We do lots, and lots, and even more. With the 4 modules we have done by now, you get the point with the group thing, right? Do you understand why we do them? Do you understand the benefits of working in these concentrated groups? Lets answer these questions today.

As I said previously, by this point in the year we have all had our fair share with group projects, whether it be in pltw, your foreign language, or even math. And honestly some people aren’t loving it. “My partners don’t do work.” “I’m not in a group with my friends” and “I don’t like their work.” are just a few of the comments I have heard about some group projects, in other classes that is. In pltw we have lots of freedom, freedom that some of us are not used to. This gives us the opportunity to choose those that we work with, what we work on, and how we will approach doing our next module. Getting this chance is great! We do not get this much freedom in many other classes, but with freedom comes responsibility.

Each few weeks as we choose our groups for our next module, we make the decision of whom to work with and what to do. We should always remember a few things when choosing our partners.

1. Will I be able to work efficiently with these girls?

If your answer is no, even if they are your very best friends, say sayonara and pick some girls that will help you achieve the best work possible for your next module.

2. Do we have similar interests/ are we all interested in this module?

If your answer is yes, than good for you! Get started on your wonderful new project!

3. Can I still have fun?

The answer is always yes to this one! Always make sure that you are having fun while working with your group and doing your modules. Just make sure you are being efficient with your time in class and that you all contribute equally to the task.

Remember, always make wise decisions when working with groups. Treat your group-mates respectfully and give constructive criticism. Always Contribute all of your ideas, thoughts, and opinions to the group to help make your project the best it can be. And have fun!!!

Thanks for reading, and enjoy working with your groups!

-Maite N.

(3rd period)

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