PLTW? What does that even mean?

“PLTW? What does that even mean? Is that a class what you actually take or an abbreviation for a technique that you use in a different class? Wait, why don’t you have 3 electives like a normal school? Is that class even necessary?”


Those are just a few things that I’ve heard when I mention this class to people that don’t go to Ann Richards. I know, I know. You’ve probably seen a whole bunch of posts about what this class is and how great it is but I’m here to give you my real opinion on this class.


Every two weeks you get the privilege to choose which module the group wants to do, not our teacher assigns us something and we all have to move as a class. Isn’t that great having free reigns?! You move at your own pace and only have to worry about your group, not the rest of the class having to catch up or being really far ahead, of course you do have a deadlines so don’t get too lazy. You decide what your homework is, not the teacher.


Oh and the modules aren’t just there for no purpose behind them. Next year when we start high school, we have to choose one of the three pathways that we’re offered, biomedical sciences, engineering or media technology. The modules that we do now are helping us decide which pathway we want to do so we’re not hesitant about choosing one over the other. This is a great help because I’ve had my heart set on media technology but now that I’m experimenting with all the other pathways is opening my mind up.


I’ve also experienced a whole bunch of emotions during these past two six 6 weeks. Being overwhelmed, stressing out, not having to stress out about an assignment, feeling on top of things, that light bulb lighting up feeling and just overall, lots of creativeness. There was one module about biomed that I did and that entire class all I did was talk about how medicine will change in 50 years for our group poster. Although some of the ideas were ridiculous or not even remotely possible regardless of the time period, it just felt great to let my imagination run free and not be judged for it. But on the other hand, being overwhelmed isn’t so fun. Building a tiny bridge out of toothpicks with glue and string in one week is much harder than you think it is.

Basically what I’ve learned from this class are not to procrastinate because it will get you NOWHERE but only farther behind, if you ever need help always ask your group members because they might have a better understanding of whatever you need help with than you do, make sure to think about the future, working outside of class will get you farther ahead and make you feel on top of things and lastly, enjoy yourself! We’re so concerned about getting good grades that we forget to enjoy these mini projects that we have. Other schools don’t get a unique class like this so savor it!

-Emi Garza 🙂

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