Working in a Group Isn’t That Easy

Working in a Group isn’t That Easy
by: Tori B.

Participating in STEM based class is something you are required to do, whether you like it or not. But, all of us Ann Richards girls love to do so. I mean, when you tell us something new and interesting, you’ll definitely be drowning in questions.
When your teacher assigns you a seat nowhere near your best friend, you might feel a tiny bit closed off. In our PLTW class, we do modules with a group. Now, the process of completing a module has many steps. You go through the process of picking your module from either the Bio-medical, Media Tech, or Engineering Pathway. Then, you brainstorm, complete challenges, and create the final product together. Since there is an amount of diversity in your group, you will have different ideas. This is where the contributions and discussions fall in place.

Speaking your ideas out loud

While completing a group project, your own opinions and ideas matter. You need to learn from others and make sure they learn from you as well. You have to listen, question, and respond. But most importantly, you need to speak your mind. If there is a question swimming in the back of your head from last weeks discussion, you gotta take care of that.
In my PLTW class we brainstorm tons. My group doesn’t leave one person’s contributions out of the plan ever. We make sure everyone is heard. I mean, once we had one idea of little tiny robots walking into your ear and acting as little doctors inside your body. So then we wrote it down (even though we knew it would be impossible to do at this day and age).

Contribute, Contribute, Contribute!

This is the most important part of all. Your group is basically a team, and if one of you slacks off, everything will be harder for everyone else. This means that everyone should contribute equally and appropriately. When my group brainstorms, we do the blurt out method (it doesn’t sound as good as it works). We just blurt out any idea we have (that’s how we got the tiny robot idea).
In our class we have different “Challenges” or assignments to complete together by a certain date. We have to make sure to help each other out and get as much of our parts done. So when we’re done with our project, we all can take full credit.

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