The Toothpick Bridge Experience By Jacky Ortega

The struggle is real!!!!! Building a bridge using only 3 materials, toothpicks, glue and string. This project was a nightmare, coming up with a way to make a successful bridge using only these materials. I mean I know we had to be creative and think out of the box, but when pressure hit me the only thing in my brain at that time was smoke. I found out that when it comes to building a bridge don’t sign me up because I cannot make it through that experience again.

It wasn’t the building process that got me, it was the part where we had to be creative and patient on getting it done. When I saw that the bridge wasn’t gonna be built overnight and we had to be patient on it for it to get dried. I got so impatient and I just wanted to break the whole bridge. After building the bridge I honestly learned so many things after building this, I learned to take my time yet use all the time that I have wisely because that “time” that you have doesn’t always last for a very long time. I also learned that you should plan ahead because for me only having a glue and string to put the toothpicks together was really difficult and we needed to be creative on the way we joined them together.

Although I struggled to get this bridge done and “perfect” I did learn a few things that might help me get through life and although my bridge didn’t get finished I had fun building it and going through this hard experience!

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