Medical Innovations Of The Future- Patty A.

For the past few weeks, we have all been working on different modules under 3 different pathways, which are, Engineering, Biomed and Media Tech. Each module is suppose to help us see more into the different pathways, which we will all have to choose one for high school.

Recently, my group (Khammila and Bella) and I decided to focus on the Biomed pathway. Our challenge was for us to see how our medicine is advancing now and how it will continue to advance much more in the future thanks to our technology! We had to create a poster as a group demonstrating what medicine would look like in the next 10-100 years.

MIOTFAs we researched some ideas, we were all in for a shock! We all learned so much! Of course, we did come up with an idea ourselves, but just realizing what scientist and doctors are doing is just mind blowing. Something I learned about was the Electric Helmet That Stops Growth of Brain Tumors! Tumors are not fun to have. I’ve never had a tumor and hopeful I never will, but just seeing and reading personal experiences of those who have experienced and have tumors is heartbreaking. Not many people survive tumors, but many who do wish they could have done something to those who have passed away because of tumors. The process is long and expensive and no one wishes to die because of a tumor, especially young victims. The helmet is meant to help stop the growth of tumors, making it a little “safer” for the victim and giving the doctors more time to plan and take action (as in planning on better treatments/surgery and such). This is pretty big! Maybe in a matter of years an idea will be developed that would kill the tumor without surgery being needed!

What my group and I brainstormed and came up with was a pill that anyone can take and it would detect diseases. In many cases, diseases are detected at a late stage, making conditions worse. With this pill, doctors would be able to see any future possible diseases that  are in the very beginning on stage development and or see any warning signs for a possible growth to a disease, making it easier and safer to cure. Not only would this save thousands of lives, but pain.

Today, 3D printing exist. We have 3D printings of toys jewelry, food, etc. But the next big thing is 3D printings of human organs and possibly bones! “The idea of printing a human kidney or liver in a lab may seem incomprehensible, even creepy. But to many scientists in the field, bioprinting holds great promise. Authentic printed organs could be used for drug or vaccine testing, freeing researchers from less accurate methods such as tests on animals or on synthetic models.” -CNN. This can have many negative things, but lets face it, everything has its negative side. Now with 3D printed organs and such, scientist would be able to test medicine, etc, on the organs and not just animals anymore. Not only would this save thousands of animals lives, but they would be able to test it out on an “actual” human “body part” and see how it would affect the “human part” if this were to be taken by a person.

There is so much more  out there that I and thousands of others don’t know about! It’s so fascinating and exciting to see what’s being created and how not only would this affect us, but  generations to come! We are the generation in which a turn in medicine will occur and we all should be thankful and get our ideas out there! Next thing you know, we all pitch in and help develop a cure for diseases such as autism and down syndrome!

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