Learning From The Medicine Of The Future

by Bella Roberts

As I continue to learn and grow this year in PLTW, I am also continuing to work on a variety of modules. Just recently I completed a module in the biomedical pathway with two other group members. The module’s task was to create an interactive poster that displayed our ideas regarding the medical advancements of the future. This module was a lot of fun because it caused my group and I to really think outside of the box and constantly question each other’s ideas. Through this challenge I was able to gain a lot of skills that I may need in order to complete future modules.

I also learned a lot of new things from this module. I think the biggest thing that I learned was about myself. Completing this module helped me to realize that I am very interested in the Biomedical pathway and generally in the biomedical field. Thinking up ideas about the future of medicine made me think about how science is always changing and that it would be very interesting to experience this up close and personal.

This is the poster that my group and I made about medical innovations of the future.

This is the poster that my group and I made about medical innovations of the future.

On our poster we included 5 different innovations of the future that we thought could be plausible someday. The first innovation was about glasses that work like an x-ray machine, so that physicians can diagnose patients faster and in a more efficient way. The second innovation we thought of was a pill that cures disabilities, this is meant to be a step up from therapy or medications. It is meant to cure several disabilities like down syndrome or autism completely. The third innovation we thought of was something that seems to already be in the making; it is a plan of curing Type 1 diabetes by regenerating cells. For a long time there has been no cure for Type 1 diabetes except the treatment of injecting insulin. Quite recently the idea of regenerating cells in the pancreas to reduce the lack of insulin has been introduced. The fourth innovation that my group and I imagined was an electric helmet that stops the growth of brain tumors. Cancer is a big problem but it seems doctors and scientists are always looking for solutions. One solution expanding off an article we saw that was similar to our innovation was creating something that would stop the growth of your cancer indefinitely. (Specifically brain cancer) Lastly, the fifth innovation we agreed upon was  3-D printing organs and bones. Even though this idea is already attempting to be carried out it still has some way to go before it makes a big difference in our world. Personally, I am fascinated with the idea of printing organs and I hope that I am able to learn more about this endeavor of medicine.

Overall, this module taught me a lot and helped me really come to terms with my interests. I am very excited to explore new modules but also to continue my interest in this one.

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