PLTW? PLTW. By: Sierra Green

At my school there is a class called “Project Lead The Way” (PLTW). In previous years (in this class) we did different things like building and engineering. This year we are doing things related to the different pathways like biomed, engineering, media technology, etc. I have really liked all of the different projects (modules) we have done so far in the year, but overall I have to say that my favorite module is the media tech one.

In this media technology module, we were asked to make a video about a certain type of technology that we think there will be in the future (10 years from now, 20 years from now, 50 years from now, etc.). My group thought that the hologram will be a thing in the future. So, with this idea we had started brainstorming all these different types of things we could put in our video. Eventually, we decided to make our video about 2 girls who lived far away from each other and wanted to talk face to face. The girls in our video used the hologram.

We had to do this long process before we could actually do the video part of the module. First (after we came up with the technology we wanted to use), we made a design brief. This design brief included our client , the designer , a problem statement (a statement describing what the problem was and how we were going to be able to fix the problem with our device), a design statement, and deliverables (what our device will do once we are done).

Next we made a storyboard. The storyboard was just a paper that described what we would be doing in each of the different parts of our video. Once we had finished this part of the process, we were ready to do the most fun part! Making the video!

After taking what seemed like forever to do, we finally finished the video for media technology. We edited, added voice, and added music to our finished video using iMovie on the computers. My team and I are pretty proud of this creation we made. Keep in mind that this was not easy to do.

Anyways, PLTW is a very fun class. It allows you to explore different pathways basically on your own. It helps you get ready for any kind of career you you want to have in the future. This class gives you a taste of  lots of careers. I have learned the basics of each pathway and I have learned what you will have to know and what you will have to do in each pathway.

This is our video we made:

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