How Do We Go Around? By Olga H.

In our class we have two different stations. One is a room full with computers, which Iimage-2 call “mini computer lab.” And next to our mini computer lab we have the makerspace, which is where everything is at, all the fancy, scary tools. Which are really dangerous but we have our amazing teacher, Mrs.Sauter which has given us lessons on how to use them the correctly.

Hopefully you are asking yourself, “For what do they use each room?” Well the mini computer lab, is used for either research or for you to do your presentation. It all depends on what module you are doing. It is either based more on what module you have. It will tell you if you are in the mini computer lab, or if in the makerspace. And in the makerspace we do all the building. Unfortunately for me I haven’t gotten a module where I have timageo go to the makerspace. I have only had modules where, I make presentations, which for me is fine, because I love making presentations. But hopefully my next module will be in the maker-space.

 My class, Class of 2019, was the first class to use the maker-space!! We were all ready excited to use the maker-space, because we knew everything was going to be easier to do. I tell people they should go into the maker-space because it’s always fun to see a really neat colorful room(s). And you could see it in pictures right now!!

 When I come to class, GTT2, I’m always excited because I know that we will do something different each day. And learn something new each day. But I sometimes question, if there are other middle schools that have this. Yes, there might be other schools that have a maker-space, but there is no other school that has them together. Also we care for it, as if it was our own room in our house. But there aren’t other school where they have that much respect, for one place and they keep it clean.

And to make it more exciting, we are even going to have our own garage. And I mean, no other school has that!! When I think of, I am glad that I attend this school, because we have so many opportunities, that other might not get, and we use them to our best.

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