Is Two Weeks Really Two Weeks?

In 8th grade, we have a project based learning class called PLTW, which you all know about obviously. But I’m not going to talk about that today, I’m going to talk about the two week time span you have for each module.

Personally, I feel that two weeks can either be way too much time, or not nearly enough time. Most of the time, two weeks is just enough time, you don’t need to rush, and you won’t just be doing nothing. In this class we are constantly rolling and doing things, we’re never just sitting around wasting time.

There are good things and bad things about having two weeks to finish an ENTIRE project. So I present to you, The Good, The Bad, and The Unthinkable.


The Good: There are many great things about two weeks. In just one week, you can finish both challenges, the quiz, and the reflection. Then you could just sit around and do nothing for the next week. I personally love when this happens because then you turn everything in early and you feel so accomplished and yay.

The Bad: Alright, so this happens a lot unfortunately to some. When this happens you basically swith what happens from The Good, and its not fun. You slack off the first week, then you scramble the second week, trying to do both challenges, a quiz, and reflection, in two to three classes. Its sucks.

The Unthinkable: So this is gonna sound crazy, but think about actually getting something done on time and not early or late. WOW. Crazy right? But this is about when you do everything on time, and you turn it in the day its due, and you just start right up on the next module!

So in conclusion, you only have two weeks. Make the best of what you have. Just get your things done and turned in on time. – Alyssa D.

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