Coolest Class At ARS

Why is it so fun?

Pltw is such a fun class!! What makes Pltw so fun? We have a something called a “module.” A module is basically a project that we do with our groups. Every group has their own career pathway. For example, our group chose media technology as our pathway. Our module is based off of media technology. There are 3 main reasons why this class is so much fun.

1.We get to experience what we want to learn in the future. 2. We get the opportunity to be free and choose our own pathway to explore. 3.This class helps us decide what we want to be in the future. Now lets get into the real talk.

Why is Pltw so important?

Besides PLTW being extremely fun, there is also a meaning to why we have PLTW. In the beginning of the year the first time I heard about PLTW

I honestly thought that PLTW was not important. I thought PLTW wasn’t going to help me achieve in life. After 2 or 3 weeks I actually understood why we had this class. We are very fortunate to have this class that helps us choose what career path we would want to take for next year. This class has helped me have an impact on my decision for next year.

What if you think you wanted to do media technology and now you want to be in biomedical science . To be honest I sincerely thought that I wanted to be an engineer when I grow up. But when Ms sauter told us to choose our pathways I decided that I wanted to go to media technology just to try it out and see if I enjoy it. When I was finished with my first module I had realized that media technology was really fun so I had decided to do it again for my second module. After my second module I had realized that media technology was the most funnest thing I could ever choose. You get to work with your friends and even have a good job. If I choose media technology in the future I wouldn’t even notice that it was my job because my job would be so much fun.

imagePLTW is also important because we learn life skills. One life skill that is important that I have learned is that to always be creative, (this comes in handy in a lot of situations.) Before I took this class I didn’t think being creative in life was necessary. In this class, being creative is the number one thing you need in order to complete your project. For example, right now my module is based on screen printing. The first challenge is to create a design that we would want to print on shirts, posters, bags, etc. In order for me to complete that task, I have to think outside the box and come up with a great idea of what my design should look like. It can’t be just words that says” PLTW is cool.” It has to be creative and grab who ever is looking at the picture.

This class is a learning class. PLTW is all about learning new things about yourself. It could teach you life lessons or can  help you decide on a big decision in the future. The overall point of this class is that its very enjoyable and a an overall wonderful class to be in.

image (1) By: Ariela V.

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