For the Birds by: Astrid Jackson

(I know, cheesy right?)


Hi! My name is Astrid and I am in 7th period PLTW. So far, I have been working a lot in the engineering modules. The most recent one I have completed has been Construction and Fabrication Basics, in which we built a birdhouse. We got to use tools such as clamps, a hammer, a hand saw, sanding blocks, drills, a jigsaw, a miter saw, and a brad nailer. My group, Sandy, Marlene, and I, built a right-angle birdhouse together. This taught us a lot about teamwork and collaboration. We worked well together. We all had something to contribute to the group.


While building the birdhouse, we had many challenges along the way. Some of these included getting used to the tools so that we were comfortable using them. We became good at using power tools through the course of this module. I became particularly skilled at using the miter saw. I was able to get a clean cut every time. We also had issues with painting the birdhouse. None of us had really used spray paint so it we kept on putting either too much or too little. With all the problems we had, this was still a beneficial learning experience.

Overall, I think this project taught me more than any textbook could have. We got to use real-life skills that we can apply to our futures in our career. I am planning on becoming an engineer, so this module was really helpful and I got a feel for the engineering field that I might not have gotten otherwise. Even if someone wanted to do something else, they could still use the skills like teamwork and getting a group project done on time and have it be great work. For all these reasons (and the fact that it was FUN), this has been my favorite module and I look forward to more projects to come.

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