Building a Birdhouse by: Sandy Sanchez

attachment_44825399IMG_4644During this year in 7th period PLTW, we have been doing modules left and right. And my favorite so far is quite obvious to me. It was the Construction and Fabrication Basics module. Now in this module, my partners Marlene, Astrid, and I designed and built a real birdhouse. This birdhouse had to have some requirements and restraints. It had to be only right angles, but we could be as creative as we choose. To make this birdhouse, we got to use drills, a miter saw, a jigsaw, a brad nailer, some clamps, a hand saw, sanders, and a hammer. Most of these tools I have never even heard of before! But now I can use every single one! A way for us to get the hang of these tools was to build this wood “sandwich.” It was basically two pieces of wood held together with different types of screws. Finally it was time to start the real birdhouse.

One of the reasons I loved this module so much was because I felt like I had a real connection with it. I mean, I’ve never built anything besides a lawn ornament before. (And may I just say, the birdhouse came out much better.) Another reason is because I got to work with my best friends. And we really got to work as a team and we did pretty well!

This project also had to come with some struggles too. For one, we had to learn how to use all the tools foreign to us. My favorite one was the brad nailer. I really liked the sound it made every time you would press the trigger. So yeah it was hard getting the hang of all the equipment but overall it went great. Another thing that was a little complicated was the painting. We had to make sure the colors went well together, that it wasn’t too thick of a coat or a too thin coat. We also had to think of a design. We decided to do black, white, blue and purple. And we also decided to put blue and purple stripes on the front. But I think my favorite part about the painting was getting to use a spray can for the first time. Another challenge we faced was knowing what tool is called what. But I did get the hang of it pretty fast.

Overall, I feel like this project went really well. Now I have background knowledge on how to work all the tools and design something similar. This has also really opened my eyes about engineering and what else I could accomplish. I am really happy that I got to be apart of the whole project. This has really opened my eyes about engineering and what I could do in it. So I am very glad we did this module the way we did. And I am ready to begin the next modules.



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